Metal primer
Metal primer - quick dry


Content: Alkyd resins organic solvents, pigments, dyestuff and additives.

Purpose: Metal primer. Foundation for finishing coats of BOJANALUX glossy enamel lacquer.

Typical characteristics: Covers everything, good protection of metal surfaces and good binding of top coating.

Technical characteristics: Appearance of the coating: coloured and matte to semi-matte.
Drying time: 16-24 hours before the next coat is applied.
Dry substance: 63 ( 2% of weight)
Viscosity: 140-160s by 4 DIN 53211 at 20C.

Usage: 1 kg for 8-12 m2.

Flash point: above 28C, Abel-Pensky, closed receptacle.

Application: On adequately prepared surface it is applied by the brush, roller or by sprinkling in 1-2 layers, allowing 16-24 hours between the layers. To be thinned as necessary using the oil thinner. The tools are to be washed by the oil thinner.

oxide red
? other shades by order

Packaging: 1/ 4/ 25 kg

Storage: In the closed space away from direct sunlight or other source of heat, in a sealed package and at temperatures up to +30C.

Expiry period: Under the conditions described above, in original package, 36 months.


Content: Quick drying alkyd resins, non-organic pigments, dyestuff and additives.

Purpose: Primer for the metal. Foundation for the top coatings.

Typical characteristics: High level of covering, excellent protection of metal surfaces, excellent adhesion to ferrous metal and aluminium and good binding of top coatings.

Technical characteristics: Appearance: homogeneous.
Viscosity: 140 to 180 s by DIN 53211, 4 mm, 20C.
The content of non-vaporous substance: 60-64% (of the weight).
Flash point: 25C, Abel-Pensky, closed receptacle.
Density: 1.30-1.40g/cm3

Application: Applied on metal, previously cleaned from the corrosion and grease, EXCLUSIVELY by using the pneumatic gun. For this purpose it is thinned by BOJANALUX BS thinner, to viscosity of cca 25 s by 4 DIN 53211 at 20C. The second coat of the same colour can be applied 20 minutes after the first coat (this refers to the temperature of 20C. Lower temperatures slow down and higher temperatures speed up the drying time). As a finisher you can use BOJANALUX ENAMEL LACQUER, quick-drying alkyd paint and nitro paints. When using the nitro paints, allow at least 1 hour for the primer to dry! Can stand forced drying at the temperature of 80C.

Usage: 1 kg for 8-10 m2.

oxide red

Packaging: 1 kg/ 25 kg

Storage: In closed space, in sealed packaging, away from direct sunlight or other heat source, at temperatures up to 30C.

Expiry period: Under the conditions stated above, in UNOPENED original packaging, at least 6 months.

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