Content: Poly-acryl binder, non-organic pigments and dyestuff, organic (mostly aliphatic) solvents.

Purpose: Covers and isolates the stains of nicotine, soot, water, all kinds of oil, etc. on walls, as independent paint or as a primer for other paints.

Typical characteristics: High level of covering, blocks migration of the stains to the surface of the paint coating, quick drying, low toxic level. Enables quick and economical repairing of wall surfaces.

Technical characteristics: Appearance: homogeneous. During storage possible separation of the binder at the surface, which is easily blended again.
Viscosity: weakly tyxotropic .
The content of non-vaporous substance: 54-58% (of the weight).
Flash point: 28C, Abel-Pensky, closed receptacle.
Density: 1.30-1.40g/cm3.

Application: On adequately prepared walls (free from loose layers of mortar or old paint), applied in 1 or 2 layers (depending on the condition of the wall) by brush, roller or by sprinkling, previously thinned (up to 10%) by oil thinner as necessary. The second coating can be applied 6 hours after the first one (at 20C). The tools are washed in oil thinner.

Usage: 1 kg for 4-5 m2.

Assortment: white.

Packaging: 1 kg/ 4 kg

Storage: In original packaging, out of reach of direct sunlight or other heat source, at temperatures up to 30C.

Expiry period: Under the conditions stated above, at least 36 months.


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