"BOJANA" is extending its range of interior emulsion paints:  

- Our best-seller, the existing standard BOJANOL, appears soon with still better wet and dry hiding and better sheen (sheen is an undesired low and irregular gloss on the dry paint), with no additional charge on buyer's account (no increasing of price).

- Very soon, "BOJANA" will promote on the market a new interior emulsion paint, BOJANOL EXTRA. The main properties of that paint: wet and dry hiding, brightness, sheen, etc., will be superior to the imported paints of the same range, aggressively marketed in SCG and sold for unjustified high prices.

- BOJANOL AS will be promoted as both DIY and professional interior one coat paint. To paint some 100 m2 110 m2 of wall with one single 15 l package (cca 25 kg) in only one coat ("one hand") sounds like fantasy, but it is a reality offered by "BOJANA". The price of paint itself will be higher per 1l (or 1 kg), but counted as DIN/ m2, substantial savings in time and labour will be achieved.


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