STAIN-BLOCKING PAINT, produced by “Bojana” D.O.O., Belgrade, is the novelty on our market, which should be welcomed by every professional or a DIY person.

It is the paint for the walls which have been yellowed or browned by the cigarette smoke, or for those which are sooty or have old stubborn stains from the time you had a leakage from a neighbour’s flat, for the walls with old patterns dating back from the age when our grandmothers did the decorating or for the ones with the stains which unmistakably come out through any paint.


This is why very often a DIY person gets angry with the producer of the paint: it doesn’t cover the stains well. What he doesn’t know is that old stubborn stains on the walls have unusual structure. Most often they consist of fine particles, which stand still on the wall surface and make it look ugly, but as soon as the wall becomes wet they start moving. They are so tiny (much smaller than 0.001 mm) and so mobile that, due to the difference in electrification, the moment they become wet, they start “pushing their way through” the microstructure of the fresh coat of paint. As the paint dries, the stains are copied onto its surface, as if they wanted to be stubborn and to make the wall look ugly. This can now be solved, and at a low cost. There are binders which act as the barrier for the fine particles of the stains. The binders create such a thick texture of the paint film that not even the finest particles of the nicotine stains can come through. Furthermore, they have “self-priming” characteristics, which means that they penetrate the surface deeply and form a very strong bond with it.

The paint is not water based, but it contains solvents which are the least harmful for health and environment and which, soon after the application, evaporate from the paint quickly and completely. The paint is dried physically (without chemical changes in its structure) and thus it creates the coat which has no electrification of its own. This allows for the possibility to leave this paint as the high quality and durable finishing coat on the wall or to paint over it using any decorative paint which will, once you got rid of the stains or internal electrification of the surface, decorate your space for a very long time.

STAIN-BLOCKING PAINT is easy to apply, so anyone can work with it- you just need to read the instructions. If there are still things to be clarified, “BOJANA” is there to provide additional information to any consumer. Once it is dry- and it dries very quickly- the paint contains NO toxic materials, therefore you can use it in children’s rooms, along with kitchens, living rooms and other rooms where you can find stains and soot.

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