The industries of metal products and larger craft workshops have big problems with painting the series of their metal products. The biggest problem is the space: you paint your product and you have to wait for it to dry. Because of the limited workspace, and without dryer, the working process has to stop, because there is not enough room for the new products next to the freshly painted ones. There are very few types of paint that would cater for everyone's needs because of short drying time. The so called nitro paints dry fairly quickly, but their covering capacity and capacity to adhere well to the metal surfaces is weak. The capacity to adhere well to the next coat of the paint is not always satisfactory.

"BOJANA" D.O.O. from Belgrade has offered something really new on the market: fast drying BOJANALUX METAL PRIMER BS, and they are also preparing the range of top coats of the same characteristics. This paint is alkyd-based (not 'nitro'!) and has extraordinary qualities. It is so fast-drying that it can be applied by sprinkling only, which is the most common method of paint application in industry. It perfectly adheres to the iron, steel and aluminum surfaces. If it is applied according to the instructions the following coat can be applied already after 15 minutes (at 20 C). The paint of the same structure can be applied over the dry coat of this paint, and after a longer while even nitro paints can be applied as finishing coats. It can also be a foundation for the enamel gloss (e.g. BOJANALUX SYNTHETIC ENAMEL- HIGH-GLOSS and BOJANALUX SYNTHETIC ENAMEL- PROFESSIONAL).

BOJANALUX METAL PRIMER dries physically in the first phase of drying process, and later on it reacts with oxygen from the air and creates the 'net' between the micromolecules of the resin. The internal electrification in the paint film is extremely reduced, which makes it a good foundation for the following (finishing) coats. It is much more elastic than any 'nitro' paint. It is suitable for priming of metal objects (fences, farm machines and tools, and so on) which are exposed to mechanical stress- it will not break or peel off.

The most important of all the characteristics of this paint- and the one that makes it a 'gem' among the paints- is its fast drying: it saves both time and space, and it has no negative characteristics that usually come with other fast-drying paints.

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