Typical range of some 20 shades (or less) per paint product, usually offered by paint makers, does not satisfy an average paint buyer of today.
People do not want their homes and offices to be jus "red" or "ivory" or "green", today they are looking for specific, compatible shades, to match the harmony...


"BOJANA" is extending its range of interior emulsion paints...


The industries of metal products and larger craft workshops have big problems with painting the series of their metal products. The biggest problem is the space...


STAIN-BLOCKING PAINT, produced by "Bojana" D.O.O., Belgrade, is the novelty on our market, which should be welcomed by every professional or a DIY person...


"BOJANA" d.o.o. was founded in 1990. as a privately owned trading enterprise. Today it is a limited liability company based in Belgrade, 33 Mirijevski boulevard.

Our main activity is the production of paints. Our additional activities are both home trade, retail and wholesale, and foreign trade - as an agent and distributor of products outside our own range (construction industry additives, silicone sealants, polyurethane foams, etc.)

"BOJANA" embarked upon the production of paints in 1994. It was then that we started making water-based products (emulsion paints, wood adhesives, etc.).

The next stage was in 1996, when we started the first laboratory tests and trials in order to develop the technology for alkyd-based product range. During 1997, after a year of testing and preparations, we started manufacturing alkyd-based paints, within a limited range at first: wood primer (white), metal primer (red and grey), and several shades of synthetic enamels (white, grey, black, light and dark brown).

Laboratory research and the expansion of product range were continued throughout the years. This year alone, the range was expanded by two new products: ANTINICOTINE PAINT and QUICK-DRYING METAL PRIMER (of which the latter was developed for industrial and professional use).

Our production programme today contains a comprehensive range of alkyd-based and water-based coatings:


  • Metal primer
    (oxid red and grey)
  • Metal primer - quick dry
  • Oilly wood paint
  • Biocide Impregnation For Wood
  • Wood lacquer (nine shades)
  • Enamel lacquer
  • Professional enamel
  • Oil thinner
  • BS thinner


  • Impregnation
  • Exterior wall paint (few shades)

  • Interior emulsion paint-white

  • Emulsion paint
  • Primer
  • Interior wall dispersion paint

    BON-TON – Pigment concentrate for shading

    BET - TON – Concrete paint

    BOJANAFAS – Exterior wall paint-white (emulsion based)

  • Wood adhesive
  • Parquet floor adhesive

  • The manufacture of our full range is organized within a 4,000 m2 large production plant in Pancevo, property of the company.

    Furthermore, "BOJANA" owns a 2,000 m2 large logistics-distributive centre in Belgrade, as well as nine (9) retail sales points – in Belgrade, Pancevo, Crvenka, Šabac, Koceljevo and Kucevo.

    Finally, we have at our disposal a modern fleet of seven trucks, as well as state-of-the-art ecological loading-unloading equipment.

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