Typical range of some 20 shades (or less) per paint product, usually offered by paint makers, does not satisfy an average paint buyer of today.
People do not want their homes and offices to be jus "red" or "ivory" or "green", today they are looking for specific, compatible shades, to match the harmony.


POINT OF SALE (POS) tinting system is a modern approach to the paint market: Process of making choice among thousands of available shades becomes more time consuming than making of the desired paint itself.

After the customer makes his choice, he gets the desired shade of the adequate product in required quantity in matter of minutes.

A previously carefully prepared system, consisting of adequate “bases”, 16 colorants, electronically controlled machines and know-how (software), enables us to reach practically any desired shade for most typical DIY products:
- BOJANOL interior emulsion wall paints;
- BOJANAFAS exterior emulsion wall paint;
- FASALUX exterior wall paint, solvent based;
- BOJANALUX synthetic enamels (high gloss and professional).

Our professional team is working on it, to offer you in due time.



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